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The Southern University Alumni Federation – Metro Atlanta Chapter is committed to raising scholarship funds in support of students in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas who attend Southern University.  The Atlanta chapter forms strategic alliances with local businesses and communities to facilitate support to Southern University and network with the students and alumni.

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Face Mask Scholarship Fundraiser

This year the Atlanta Chapter will be selling face mask with our new Atlanta Chapter logo.  
Cost:  $15.00 dollars each which includes shipping cost.
Please use the either of the two options to buy your “3-Ply Soft Poly Mask with adjustable straps:”
1.  Click on the link below to purchase the mask online OR
2.  Cash app $15.00 dollars to the Atlanta Chapter at $ACSUAFAtlChapter (Please leave your name and phone number/email address in the “For:” line.)


Click the above link to get to scholarship information.


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You are a valuable part of the Southern University Metro Atlanta and surrounding area residents, which includes more than 100,000 alumni!  We take this opportunity to thank you for all you do for Southern University.  We especially thank you for your interest in being an active member of the alumni and for promoting your Southern University in so many ways.  We’re glad you’re here!