How to Become an ATL JAG


Stay Connected
Membership means a stronger Southern University.
Joining the Metro Atlanta Southern University Alumni Chapter is one of the best ways to strengthen your proud alma mater.  Join the informed alumni and friends who act as powerful advocates for Southern University everyday. 

Join today and become a member of your Metro Atlanta Alumni Chapter.

Benefits of Membership
1. Network and connect with local colleagues
2. Stay connected to support University affairs
3. Come together for sports, social, etc. alumni events

Memberships offered through the Atlanta Chapter

1. Local Membership Dues - $40.00
*Fiscal Year July 1 - June 30

2. National Membership Dues - $50.00 annually.

3. Life Membership Dues is a one time fee of $500.00
or can be paid in a two year payment plan.

4. Life Member Maintenance Fee - $ 25.00

If you would like to pay by check, make checks payable to ACSUAF and mail checks to:
P.O. Box 310629
Atlanta, Ga 31131


Please complete the online member information form and remit payment. 

PDF member information form can be mailed along with payments made by checks.

Total Amount

For questions related to membership, please send an email to